Read Fall of Reach before October 27th

I just bought it for my Kindle and I am going to pour through it before the game comes out. I read it awhile back and remember there being a lot of detailed back story on Blue Team. For me, lore and backstory is huge before playing a video game. It just makes the characters and the plot that much more enjoyable. Highly recommended!

i wonder if it is on I can get a free trial and I have way to much coding to do for a hmwk assignment to be reading, but i could listen to it in the background… hmmm

Thanks for the tip! I wonder how closely the animated series will be to the book.

i will try

It’s great if you are a fan, and yeah it has a lot of the backstory of how the spartan IIs were trained. First Strike is great as well for more on blue team and what Master Chief did between halo 1 and halo 2.

Ya, the entire book series is pretty legit. Fall of Reach happens to be the first one so it is pretty awesome timing with this game and the animated series coming out.

I really liked Fall of Reach when I read it several years ago. It was a really good book. I recommend that if you have the time you read that awesome book.