Reach's booting system FAILS

Just got booted for being lasered in the falcon with a passenger. Way to Yoinkin’ go…

lol. Sorry, that is mildly amusing.

But the rest of us feel your pain. It’s the most as­s-backward betrayal system I have ever seen.

thats quite, hilarious, if you ask me.

Further proof that Reach’s booting system is broke… Although you got to admit that’s kinda funny.

… What everyone else said, basically.

I completely agree. On hemorrhage I was driving a warthog and I got hit by a revenant which flipped me, sent me flying sideways and killed one of my team members who was running towards the revenant. Needless to say the jerk booted me for a betrayal.

That is amusing to read, damn annoying to have happen to you I imagine.

Just goes to show ya how immature most of the the gaming community is these days.

I did get a betrayal once from banshee debris. I was lucky I didn’t get boot. But the system is very, very bad.