Reaching for the Stars!(Tech/Halo)

Hello everyone, I’m making this thread to just bring any current theories and technology breakthroughs to your attention and I’m welcoming you all to post anything you read/hear about as well. Personally I’m trying to focus in things related to the technology seen in Halo or what is similar but not limited to that.

Anything and everything is welcome and please when possible post a link to the source along with what you post to make it easier for us as well.

I will start off with the post in my Halo Universe thread.

Scientists believe a warp drive system might be more feasible than previously thought (from looking nearly impossible to more doable). You can read it here.

I have remembered reading on this in the past and one thing I did not read about was the possibility of creating any singularities with the drive, though it might be two different methods of achieving warp speed/drives. But still, it’s rather interesting and also 10x speed of light might be slow in the eyes of the haloverse, it’s friggin’ fast in our universe!

This one I read a few months back but is still pretty interesting nevertheless.

Computer simulations indicate they can make an engine that would use antimatter as a propulsion using electromagnetic fields to direct the energy which would achieve approximately 70% speed of light thrust which is pretty sweet! And they noted that the technology to make the “engine” currently exists, but the fuel is not currently feasible. Read here.

That’s all I got for now but I will keep updating this with whatever I read and whatever the forum-goers post (with credit given).

I will reserve a few posts now though.

That should be enough, so now if anyone know of anything really cool you’d like to post/talk about please do so!

I will post some random links here that are moderately interesting.

Mars Curiosity Rover Finds Proof of Flowing Water—A First. Read here.

Five potentially habitual planets, all of which I believe are within approximately 50 light years. Read here.


I have finally added a few more thing here, hope you all find them interesting.