Reaches best levelling up tactic

I’ve started playing reach again on my new XBL account and felt a part of me ripped out when my Brigadier 3 rank was gone. Now I don’t want to reach the same level but a higher level would be nice, I’m a Major 2 now and mainly play GrifBall because of the high credit rewards (1.5K - 2K without commendations) but is there a faster way to level up?

I played a lot of Halo: Reach so I think I can speak to this.

  • Do the daily challenges. I remember Thursday being Firefight day and those were generally easy, even better with something to watch. Friday was matchmaking day as well I think. Weeklies can be pretty hit or miss depending on their severity. LASO wasn’t the greatest but on Nightfall it was fine. Sometimes weeklies were just “kill X amount of players this week” so you would just get it over the course of playing for the week.
    You can also actually press A when viewing a challenge and it will send you to a lobby to obtain the challenge. This is especially useful for campaign challenges when needing to set up skulls. Also, for most non-level specific campaign challenges, look up a speed-run or something of the level Nightfall. Hands down the mission I played the most while playing Reach and I also possibly killed the least amount of enemies there because you can skip so much by running to the end and then clipping through the final gate.
  • I believe the credits you earn is based on your time while in a game. For example: If you played a game of BTB and it lasted let’s say 8 minutes, you would earn 3000 cR. Now if you went and played a game of SWAT and it only lasted 4 minutes, you would earn 1500 cR.
    These numbers are arbitrary but I think get my point across. Some also to note is when you win a match, you earn a cR bonus as a reward, but it’s nothing to really cry home about once you get kinda up there in the ranks.

Also, I believe the higher your rank, the more cR you earn per game to help accomodate for how to continue leveling up the amount of cR required becomes more and more.

Meaning if you’re a recruit play a match, you might earn like 500 cR. But if you were in the same match and were a Forerunner, you would earn 3000. I do remember earning about 3000 cR per game, but that isn’t something to feel is unfair if you’re a lower rank because it’s not like I could do anything with it. I had purchased all of the armory already so I was just leveling up.

Also fun fact, no matter what order you purchase armor pieces in, if you make it to 66% through the rank of Eclipse, you will be able to have purchased everything in the Armory. Reach’s credit system was actually kind of fascinating to me and after understanding it, I think it was fine for the 2+ years I played before Halo 4.

I hope this was detailed enough and helped.