Reached 99 - No Promotion Pack

I reached level 99 last night and in the match complete (or whatever it’s called) screen it said I had a earned a req pack, just like it should. I went to open packs and there was nothing there. Waited a minute because the req system usually takes a bit to realize there’s something there, but nothing. Played another game, came back, still nothing. Went to bed, and got up today - nothing.

It’s really strange that one screen says I earned a req pack, but it doesn’t show up in another. Would think those would both use the same system for determining this sort of thing. I don’t know if you guys have any way of verifying this and crediting me my level 99 promotion pack, but it would be cool if you could.


It must of been a bug and you will likely get it at a late date. This has happened to me, a level 135

did OP get his req pack eventually??

ive just hit rank 90 without any promotion req pack :confused: