Reach vs Destiny

So I imagine a lot of you were playing the Destiny Beta…

I liked what Bungie has done with the MMO features in CO-OP missions, and I liked the RPG elements.

However, I wasn’t too keen on what I saw of the competitive multi-player.

  • I thought Destiny was too fast: too many sudden kills/deaths. Also felt less visceral.

  • Destiny also seems to favour team play more. Not for lone wolfs.

  • The graphics also looked like a something of a downgrade compared to Reach, at least on the 360.

I can’t help but think I will be back on Reach in 6 months for my daily PvP fix.

What were your impressions ?..

(And yeah I know it was only a Beta!)

My thoughts exactly. Multi-player has twitchy gameplay and it’s too frantic. Don’t care for MMO grindfests though. Hope 343i gets the ship back on course for xbone.


I was also expecting a lot from destiny too, but as far as I can tell, Reach Graphics > Destiny Graphics by a long shot! Halo reach is also easier to grasp, whereas destiny probably takes more time to learn how to play a class. I like how they added a borderlands feel to the game, but I don’t care for the fact that they took stuff from cod, mass effect, skyrim, and board lands and made a hybrid type game. Most people don’t like that, plus, most people have cod, skyrim, borderlands ect… So making a hybrid game like that would just leave people unhappy after playing the game.

But, what bungie did right, was they made it where the game feels like you are actually on the freakin moon, or mars, and they added neat areas ontop of that to keep people interested in the environment, and the bosses that randomly appear. In the end, pvp isent that great and we know they have a lot of work to do there, but I’m sure they will fix everything a little while after release. The fact that bungie made an mmo like this, says a lot about how much potential they have. Going from making arena shooters, to mmo’s I imagine isent he easiest thing, but so far I give them a 6/10 after playing beta.

Reach graphics > Destiny graphics? You people serious?

> Reach graphics > Destiny graphics? You people serious?

My thoughts exactly. However, I will say that I found the art style in Halo: Reach more awe-inspiring than the one in Destiny. I’m just a bigger fan of the harder science fiction than Destiny’s more fantasy-edged imagery. The Traveler looks amazing looming over the Last City, but I was more amazed by a simple thing like the hurricane raging on Reach as we launched to destroy Long Night of Solace. I also obviously prefer the Spartan armor in Halo: Reach to the cloaks and capes of Destiny - they look more grounded. Also, obviously, the guns looks and feel more solid in Halo: Reach.

Honestly though, the beta just makes me believe the Halo: Reach was born of a place where Bungie was pretty much in full swing developing technology for Destiny, which meant they were able to utilize some of it early - for their last Halo game. It turned out like a cross between Halo and Destiny. I can see some of this influence in the multiplayer gameplay, as well. Some Destiny started to seep into Halo: Reach.

I am not too concerned about the graphics but I did find this a nice analysis… the two lines that I understood that is ! :slight_smile: