Reach Sword Mechanics

In halo reach they changed how you use the energy sword drastically. Three major changes I will focus on: blocking sword attacks with a sword causes damage and if repeated both will eventually die (something i liked, prevented an endless batte); second is shotgun vs sword usually ends with simultaneous deaths (completely stupid, needs to be fixed); third is that the melee attack is not faster than the uppercut anymore. Like in halo 3 sword battles could be easily won by blocking the lunging uppercut with a quick whack with B (now right bumper) and then finishing them with another whack before they could recover. I was very disappointed to find this was no longer the case, you can not whack twice in quick enough succession to catch the uppercutter before they were ready to strike again. Now there is no reason not to uppercut. Anyone else think this was not a good change and should be fixed in halo 4?

I agree that shotguns should always beat swords. This is fine as swords are far better than shotguns overall.

I don’t think swords should be blockable unless the opponent your facing also has a sword

I would also like to see the return of draw slashing

I remember back in Halo 3, ranked lone wolf sword matches were always crazy. Especially with how long the sword clashes will go on till one of the opponents drops dead.