Reach Surround Sound in 360 but not in Xbox One?

Hi! I noticed that Halo Reach has a “Surround Sound” in Xbox 360, I am using an old LCD Samsung that has an “TrueSurround” feature which is already activated since I got the tv 10 years ago. With this feature I can use the sound of the TV and being able to hear a difference in sound when an enemy is shooting from behind for example.
But in Xbox One the sound is flat 2.0 stereo with no “surround” emulation, so I guess this is because of the 360 emulation of Xbox One or because of the Xbox Console itself. I changed all the parameters from the Xbox One but nothing seems to activate that Surround sound, anybody knows if there is a solution, besides of getting a Home theater?

This is interesting. This is one on the several reasons why Reach is best played on an OG Xbox 360. Xbox One needs to step it up.

Check if you have Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos enabled in your Xbox One audio settings. If one of those is on, try the other. If that doesn’t work, turn both off. If neither is on, try turning one on. See if any of those steps make a difference.