Reach Suggestions

Multiplayer maps that resemble Halo 2 and 3 for a Halo 2-ish and halo 3-ish feel. I know Highlands is supposed to have a H:CE feel to it, so why not have some H2 and H3 love? Maybe a High Charity-esque map or Flood-esque map. I also think we need way more symmetrical maps as well.

Ranking System Update:
Add skill to The Arena
Add in all ranked playlists from H3 to The Arena
Have Ranks mean something, so require certain ranks to have certain skill level, but still be able to earn credits
Credits help determine Rank

The ranks would work like say any rank from warrant officer down would require any skill level below 10. Once you reach ten, you can move all the way up to Lt. Colonel. 20 would make it go up to Brigadier, 30 to Legend, 40 to Nova, and 50 to Inheritor. Just an idea.

Then the TU, to fix Bloom and possibly Armor Lock, Melee

Possible Armor additions like Rogue helmet, red visor, new armor effect, etc.

Any ideas, thoughts, etc.?

Stop being so impatient with Arena. Wait until “The Arena” comes out and test it before you start making suggestions.