Reach Style Ranking

There’s a lot of talk around the progression system with the battle pass. And I have To say, I don’t mind taking a while to complete the battle pass. I’ve been playing since Monday, and I’ve been able to rank up almost 10 levels. That’s seems to be an appropriate rate to me… They also mentioned that you have more than the season to keep ranking that battlepass

But I’m here to talk about individual rankings. Not battlepass rankings that are going to reset anyway.

I want a REACH style rankings. Even if it’s not for items, give me the badge by my name. From Recruit to Inheritor. These badges took a very long time to acquire, but there was nothing more rewarding. The battlepass takes care of the item side of it. There is the skill tier in Ranked, but that is no replacement.

Also, load us into lobbies before and after matches. Or at least before. This ties into our ranking system. I miss loading into a lobby, and gaining a sense of pride when I was The highest rank. Or a pang of fear when I wasnt.

Sometimes I would have 3 reclaimers and an inheritor on my team, and I would watch other people drop out of the lobby. And that was an awesome feeling.

That is what will keep me grinding. There’s no point to a rank if the people you play with can’t see it