Reach stats character model is now holding an ar

Is this happening for anyone else? Until today all character models held a DMR, now mine shows I’m holding an AR in my hands. Is this some kind of cosmetic change or does it reflect my stats?

Strange, mine appears to be doing it as well, yet my ToD is the DMR.

I guess this is another change for the day, eh?

Yep, Mine shows an AR as well. Bnet still shows a DMR.

It looks weird :-/

Yeah, it looks huge.

Yeah, it’s holding an AR for me too. of course still shows the DMR on the service record.

343 updated the models on service records, but they used their own images rather than the ones on Bnet service records.

I want this in game. I’d love to hold an AR before the game. And maybe people could change what weapon their player model holds before game? Ahh… if only…

Just doesn’t look right, I also noticed how horrible the haunted helmet looks on here… Looks all smugged up and blurred out.

Maybe he’s fogged up the inside of his visor?