REACH:Situation #1

You are a spartan with unlimited ammo(other than target locator) with triple overshields and one AA with unlimited aa power

AA choices:
hologram (multiple holograms allowed)

Weapon:knife+Trusty’ol assault rifle+target locator (5 shots)

#1:10000 grunts with fuel rod cannons
#2:1000 elites with swords

which would you rather have? out of the above^
Me i would choose the grunts.

Why no DMR or BR? Assault rifle is ok I guess but not good enough… I would go for the grunts though.

I will choose the Elites. They have better weapons that I intend to take and use back on them. Even if I have to rip the arm off an Elite myself just so I can use the Energy Sword, so be it.

Their blood shall run like the river to Tartarus. Their bodies shall feed the land. Their deaths shall create beautiful fields of flowers come spring. And I shall walk amongst this field and look neither up nor down. For it was looking at either direction that the Elites perished here.

Awkward Silence


Unlimted JetPack + Targetlocater * 1000 AI Fails = 1000 Dead Elites trying to tounch me!!!

> Awkward Silence
> Psycho?

Who? Me?

Yes. (don’t worry, you’re not alone)

It’s more exciting to kill the Elites than grunts. I’m taking the second option.

> Yes. (don’t worry, you’re not alone)

That’s what the voices tell me.

> > Awkward Silence
> >
> > Psycho?
> Who? Me?

Well at least you’re working towards a moral end.

Oh yeah, I chose the grunts. Alas, no amazing repartee from me however.


I’d take sprint as AA and take on the Grunts. Run in veeeeery large circles to horde the Grunts into one gigantic crowd and then unleash the target locator on them. Still will probably kill only about a hundred of them, but then I start circle-strafing and spraying them to oblivion with the AR. Might take a while, though… =D