Reach Servers Unavailable

For the last two days I haven’t been able to play Reach thanks to some server issue that seems to be ongoing. Whenever I get into the matchmaking lobby it says “Reach Servers are Unavailable.”

Same, but it just started today for me, after 2 hours of playing online after purchasing the game. Is there anywhere or anything we can check on to see when they’ll be back up or whats going on ?

New Response: There is an error with the Halo Reach Servers currently as of the moment. Whoever is ahead of the Halo Reach Servers please bring it back up very soon and fix this. The Servers are weakening each year and you need to keep it strong and up and running since it is backwards compatible on the One and 360. Please check this link below on the Halo Reach Server stats currently.

If you have any questions contact me here or on Xbox. Xbox Gamertag: Z E R E C A T. Every space between every letter and all capitalized letters.

I am Having the same problem was well. It looked like this already happened other times. Hope they fix it soon. After Halo Infinite, really want to play all Halo games.

Feel free to follow this topic for the time being until the issues is resolved: