Reach servers need to be fixed

Everytime I play reach the servers are laggy and when I play grifball my hammer and sword are spongy I cant kill no one. its so bad its like gears 4 servers. please 343 fix the servers. I have so much fun back in day. #MakeReachGreatAgain

No the one thing that definitely needs to be fixed is Theater

Grifball is definitely the worst imo. The timing is so off, especially when it comes to using the gravity hammer against other players. It’s ridiculous.

The only thing I find annoying about other game modes like swat, slayer etc. is when the game host loses connection or whatever happens & everyone else in the game has to stop & wait while they find a new host & be forced to watch the score sheet screen.

Reach is still pretty popular as I’m always finding people playing a variety of game types quite often so I think it deserves a touch up when it comes to servers and what not. It would certainly help with firefight drop outs also, but that’s a whole other story…

Reach is P2P. There are no dedicated servers, therefore, the issue lies with your connection and/or the player that is connection host of the game.

I know that Reach has many problems, and I hate to say it but there will never again be hot fixes. 343 does not care about anything that Bungie made. They are trying to get out of their shadow, build their own legacy. Whether or not that is working is not up to me, as I am not someone who’s opinion people care for. But maybe that could be a thing one day…

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> 343 does not care about anything that Bungie made.

Quite untrue, they care deeply about the franchise, all aspects including what came before them.

It’s true that there won’t be any further updates to Xbox 360 games, at some point you need to stop supporting legacy projects and focus on current and future work. Most other companies have begun shutting down support for 360 games, as it stands Halo 4 is nearly 5 years old and Reach coming up for 8