Reach Servers Down frequently

This has happened a few times now where i have been playing halo reach normally only to have the game begin to constantly restart matchmaking from the point of where we usually get to vote from the selected maps…after backing out it says on the main matchmaking menu that the servers are temporarily unavailable…i understand that games need updates, but it would be alot easier to deal with if we had some sort of knowledge of it beforehand instead of finding out when we go to start our first games of the night…a little notification in the news section couldnt hurt could it? instead of having drowning amounts of less relevant data which isnt needed as much for these or at all for these games…

You’re calling on deaf ears, these problems have been around for months but seem to be becoming more widespread as of late.

You could try putting your modem in bridge mode, connecting the 360 directly to it via Ethernet and using the 360 to authenticate.

No other devices can use the web when doing the above or if the 360 is in a different room from the modem so it might not be possible depending on your setup and/or other users.