Reach References

Maybe its just me, but wouldnt you guys like to see a few Halo: Reach references in halo anniversary…something like the cheif saying--------(chief)-Where are the others, red team?, Noble team?
(Cortana)-Died on reach…

if you DO wanna see some halo reach references in Halo anniversary, show me how you want it to go down :slight_smile:

erm no. how would cortana know anything? there light years away and jumped to a location that they dont really know, they cant exactly pick up there i-phone and ring home
Hell why would chief be asking such a daft question as that, A: he knows what happened B: he knows cortana knows nothing about that because well her ethernet cable aint that -Yoinking!- long.

They already made a mess of the story in reach it made -Yoink- all sence compared to the book, so, no, leave as is

But fix his helmet please he looks -Yoinking!- limited, he looks like the original master chief… and i mean the -Yoinking!- orginal one …concept son of a -Yoink-, looked like a -Yoinking!- welding mask.

XD, very funny man, but yes i was imagining it like this, i know that master chief fought during the fall of reach, but at one point he went into cryo sleep, so he doesnt know what happened after he went to cryosleep, therefor asking the question, “what happened to my team, and noble team”…cortana would reply that they all died, because in case you forgot, NOBLE SIX transported her to the pillar of autumn…and it doesnt have to be master chief and cortana referencing reach, it can be keyes, since he knows that six stayed behind, he could say, that all the other spartans and NOBLE team died, at reach if the chief or someone asks,

AND BTW, BUNGIE EVEN SAID THAT THE FINAL CANNON ARE THE GAMES, THEY ARE DIFINITIVE…SO WHAT REALLY HAPPENED DURING THE FALL OF REACH, HAPPENED IN HALO REACH, NOT IN THE NOVEL. if halo reach didnt exist, then yes, the fall of reach would be difinitive, and it was, untill the offical story on how reach fell arrived, IE: HALO: REACH