Reach on Xbox One

So I have had a couple of friends tell me that Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach are gonna be brought to the One. Obviously they aren’t coming in MCC but can we expect to see them coming over in the future?

I’ve heard nothing and its doubtful.

One could only hope

I really hope they do Halo:Reach xbox one.

Heard nothing about it but would be very excited if they made reach for xbox1.

I hope so that would be awesome

Reach on the One would be nice but I’d rather them spend their time on new games rather than remastering old ones.

I hope they at least add Halo Reach multiplayer to the MCC online playlists to complete the traditional Halo online experience.

I doubt it. Think about it like this, John is the main protagonist, it’s his story, spin-offs or games that don’t feature him are left where they lay, rightfully so.

Think of Mario games, how many times has a Mario game been ported, updated, re-released, etc?

But… We never saw a re-release of games which were in the same universe, like Luigi’s Mansion.

if i ever get xbox one i will not get any of the halo games from xbox 360 because i will have gotten all of the achievements so theres no point for me the only game id get is halo 5 and move on so as of right now thats the only game worth getting but im not going to get it for some time because im content with my 360 for at least another yr or 2

I’m sure it’ll happen since it’s Halo and MS will want to make more money off of it. I hope they do, though.

I highly doubt that it will any time soon but if it does it will be legendary.

I highly doubt that it will any time soon but if it does it will be legendary.

who doesn’t hope for reach?

I think it could happen someday but maybe a few years from now.

There’s been so many people asking about this that I’d say it’s inevitable. I don’t expect them to get a full graphical overhaul like H2 is getting, but I can see them being remastered to 1080p/60fps and released in the stretch between Halo 5 and Halo 6.

Halo: reach would be amazing if re-done and put on next gen consoles!

I really hope they do this. Halo 3’s non-hitscan BR was garbage and ruined the game, and Halo 4 was garbage as well. Reach had bloom, which almost ruined it, but overall I like the game the best out of all the halos. I still play reach. Every week. Halo 4, i quit and gave up on after about 2 months. MCC, I tried to play it and we all know how that went. Heard it still isn’t fixed. I may try it again in a month or so, but reach is still more fun.

Haven’t heard anything, and since they were spinoffs, I doubt it. But one can dream lol

It’s possible but it is an anniversary of the chief but maybe if people ask for it a lot they might do it.