Reach not updating stats

Ive played at least 100 games that haven’t appeared in my recent game history and my K/D Kills and deaths are both frozen on the same number, It’s happened to everyone Ive seen on reach and it’s been like this for a day, What’s with it?
It just doesn’t seem to be updating at all.

Been having the same issue as well. Noticed it about 24h ago, and it still frozen. Commendations, credits and challenges keep updating though. To my knowledge it’s just stats and game history that’s frozen like that.

I have the seem problem, i hope fix it soon

My stats have been froze since 8/29/2014

I was talking to all my online friends during a game last night, we’re all hacked off that the stats are not being updated. Its one of the main things we do after a few games, check your stats, its what keeps us coming back day after day. Please fix this.

me to the stat is froze 29/8/14

This really grinds my gears. I’ve been approaching a 10 000 kill differential just to see that the stats are frozen. Also coming up on 1400 wins.

Servers going down, counters acting screwy, now the stats.

What’s happening to this game?