Reach not showing my service record??

Well the title explains it all to be honest, Halo Reach will not show in my Halo Service record, and you can be sure as hell played it and completed it solo legendary :3 But it is not there. Can someone help me out please?

EDIT: Also, it doesn’t show my solo completion of Halo 3 campaign… These things matter man :frowning:

Were you connected to Xbox Live during this? I know they don’t count it if you’re not connected

Yep, mine too. And as you say, completed a Halo on Legendary; this does matter! Any ideas? Anyone? I did finish it online also. Never disconnected.

it shows my servise record but i’ve completed the campaign on solo heroic and it doesn’t show that, solo heroic campaign matters to me 'cause i’m quite bad at FPS games and i’ve got an eye contition called nystagmus.