Reach Nameplates ideas

Just an idea thought for nameplates when reach comes out on December. One of the my ideas I come up with for a nameplate is called the lone wolf which obviously shows a wolf but however in the nameplate it shows the wolf on top of a deceased spartan and the nameplate is animated showing the visor of the spartan’s helmet glowing as well as the wolf eyes. In order to get this nameplate, halo 1-4 and reach has to be completed on legendary difficulty solo just to give the fans a reason to play halo on a harder difficulty. Another idea for a nameplate, if you find the posters on the pillar of autumn that shows the reach Spartans you will get a nameplate that says Remember and shows the planet reach in it’s destroyed state. My last idea for a nameplate for Reach is when you find all the grunts Easter eggs in halo you will get the Moa burger nameplate that resembles one of the menu items pictures in New Alexandria in Reach