Reach Memories Guessing Game

Lets play a little game of guessing what kind of things we might receive with this update.

Gonna cross off the things we did see on the early trailer release they released about infection.

So obviously infection game mode. Emile’s armor which I guess will be mythic legendary, Jorge’s, Kat’s and Jun’s armors as well which my guess will be uncommon, rare and ultra rare in the order I said them as.

My number one guess is that we will get original DMR from Reach, we got Halo 2 BR and CE pistol (pistol luckily is not loadout weapon) so why not?

My (extremely far fetched) guess would be a UI overhaul in the style of reach, so everything can be organized again. We would be able to see people’s armors in the pregame lobby without having to go through any menus, armors would be sorted by alphabetical order with sub-menus for additional skins, and we would have a better post game lobby where you can see your tool of destruction and medals.

Now that we’re guaranteed infection and the armor really the only other things I’d love to see is an updated UI to be like reach’s, the falcon, and maybe a spire warZone map. Forge world would be nice also but I’d rather the other stuff I said.

Brute shot, Plasma Rifle, and Forge World are what I am positive will be in Memories of Reach

I’d say we will either see a Reach-inspired map or a remake of a Reach map. Another thing I’d like to see but is almost guaranteed not to happen, is an overhaul of the armour system. By that I mean I would like to see Reach-level customisation of how we look, with different helmets, chest pieces, shoulders and so on able to be worn so that we are truly able to choose how we look instead of just choosing the armour and helmet we wear.