Reach MCC minor bugs (Xbox)

Over the last few days playing Reach on MCC I’ve noticed a few bugs that weren’t present in the original game that I feel I’d like to address and hopefully get fixed to make it as close to the 360 version as possible. The first few are issues found in Firefight matchmaking that didn’t occur in the original,

  1. Assassinations don’t always trigger in Firefight matchmaking when meleeing from behind even if there’s no obstacles hindering the animation from playing, mainly this will occur if you try to circle around an enemy that knows you’re there like during an elite melee or rage animation. It’ll do the beat down but whether the animation decides to play or not is very inconsistent (yes I know you have to hold the button and I also know Brutes can’t be assassinated unless they are completely unaware of you) it could be related to whatever trick you did to make the input lag in Firefight matchmaking completely disappear but Idk.

  2. jackals don’t always flinch when being shot in Firefight matchmaking. Kinda a big deal when playing limited and shooting the hand is the only way to expose the head but decides it doesn’t always wanna work.

  3. melee attacks and sword swings do absolutely nothing to jackal shields. This is a big one because in classic Reach you could easily dispatch a jackal by either punching them through the shield or punching the shield down forcing them to attempt a retreat, but on MCC matchmaking at least melee’s and even energy sword strikes will do absolutely no damage to a jackal with his shield up and the shield will not deplete no matter how many times it is hit (makes playing with energy swords a whole lot less fun when a group of jackals can bring you down in Arcadefight)

  4. Jackal Shields not popping when killed/shot down. Specific to firefight matchmaking again but it’s very jarring and noticeable how it just vanishes in 1 frame with no dispersion animation or anything

  5. jackals don’t flee when shield is shot down. As stated previously normally if you were to punch or shoot a jackals shield down it would cause them to retreat and not attack until their shield came back. This does not happen in Firefight matchmaking on MCC and it actually has major ai glitches when it happens: first off the shield just disappears and the jackal has no reaction to it dissipating, then instead of running away they’ll usually just stand completely still and twitch a little, and then they’ll start attacking you again before their shield even comes back (which never happens in Reach and I’ve never had it happen in all my years of playing Reach on 360)

  6. Marines are completely unable to reload their weapons on MCC Reach. I for one was really looking forward to seeing their detailed reload animations in smooth 60 fps but I’ve come to notice that Marines can’t actually reload weapons at all and if you give a marine a weapon with an empty mag they will be completely unable to fire the weapon because it’s chamber is empty and they can’t reload it because they’re glitched so they’ll be completely unable to fight or do anything really (it also completely patches the infinite ammo glitch caused by letting a marine reload your weapon for you so it doesn’t drain any reserve ammo which is very very useful and I love it so 343i plz)

Bungie’s lucky #7) I’ve noticed that on Winter Contingency at least in coop there’s a glitch that causes Kat, Jorge, and Emile to not follow you past the “watch your motion tracker” section which results in only Carter assisting in the first skirmish with the Covenant. Sometimes when you get to the trucks Jorge will teleport to you but I’ve experienced many times where he doesn’t and you won’t see him at all until after the Zealot Cutscene where you and him go “clear the hole.” This also results in Jorge and Emile’s lines about the Covenant being on Reach not playing because the game has despawned them so Carter basically just talks to himself.

Overall I’ve played very little of the game on MCC so far so I have a lot more to test but these are just the things I’ve immediately noticed while playing that don’t usually happen on 360

Please see the pinned thread regarding Halo Support and how to submit tickets for issues you may be experiencing.