reach map glitch need help!

i have made a map called compound which i have nearly finished but now when i load up the map it is a different map (for example. if i selected boneyard to play once the game starts the map has chaged to spire). Is the a way to get back my original map compound (if this makes any sense)? BTW this has also happend to my friend and he found a way to get it back but now he can’t remember how he did it. All your help is much appreciated.

Man this happened to me whenever i tryed to load one of my maps “Town Hall” my other map “Lonely Home” would load up instead so I felt like I lost “Town Hall” forever.

did u get it back?

Unfortunately no, whenever I try to load Town Hall the other map loads so until someone helps fixes this with me I won’t have access to my map. So I’m where your at. But Imma keep a good eye for this thread if some helps comes to way :slight_smile:

hopefully there is a solution out there and 343 should try to fix this problem so it doesn’t happen in th future. im going to make sure one of my friends has a copy of my maps which i don’t want to risk to lose.