Reach Machinima Project

The Project

This project is primarily for my senior year’s school project to design something “meaningful” to me. Since I have my junior and senior year to work on this, I have decided to start now. The project is a Machinima, but nothing to be overly funny and played for hysterics. It won’t be something along the lines of a “one man army.”

This is going to be serious with light tones of humor. The characters will be fully developed, the story will be fully thought out, everything will be given great thought and detail, reasoning and purpose.

Main Characters

Main Characters, thus far, are a five member team of mercenaries who aside from two have never met each other. As the plot develops and as we learn about each character, the rest of the characters learn as well. We have the Decoy, a sprinter that uses the DMR who is rather a deadpan snarker, cracking insults to and fro in a sarcastic manner. The next is the Guardian, our “leader” of the group. He uses heavy weapons, drop shield equipped and acts as a supporting ally in combat, his characterization has not been thought out yet. We have the Assault who uses the Assault Rifle and uses armor lock. He’s hot headed, rushes into enemy fire without a second thought.

Then we have the “twins.” They are the sniper and infiltrator, the sniper using active camo and the infiltrator using a shotgun and hologram. They’re both tactical, the infiltrator being more get the job done though and more open to slight alterations where as the sniper is more by the book. As a side note, the Sniper is also a female.

Main Plot

The main plot idea for this Machinima is an alternative to how the humans acknowledge the Covenant’s existence. In the civil war between Inner and Outer Colonies, an attack occurs that is rather drastic, much larger in fire power than previous rebellions. Not wanting to waste their own soldiers in case -Yoink- hits the fan, the UNSC forms a group of Mercenary Spartans [In this universe, Spartans are free to do as they pleased once the age of 21.]

The Mercs then discover that this was not a rebellion attack, and instead discover the covenant, and are taken prisoner. From here on, much is uncertain plot wise, but this is the basic start. Yes, as stated this is an alternate universe and an alternate plot line but we want to keep as much of the Halo-Verse as possible.

What’s in it for you?

You will not be paid. That’s something I cannot provide. However, due to that, you have a say in whatever you are involved with. For example, if you are playing a specific character, whether the voice or puppeteer, you have a say in the character and you have partial responsibility. If you are an extra, for example a random spartan soldier, you have a say in what happens in your scene.

Now granted, if we put in everything anyone suggested, we’d have a jumbled mess, which is why there are “heads” of each departments and since it is my project, I’m the final get go. But everyone is to have an open mind to ideas, there is no doubt that someone who isn’t a head writer or the director will come up with a brilliant idea.

Roles to Fill

There are several roles up for grab, ranging from simple puppeteers to actual writers. Keep in mind it is preferred that the puppeteer is also the voice actor.

Puppeteers: These are people that basically control the actual figures in visual design. This would mean that two people could be in charge of one character, one puppeteer and one voice actor. Puppeteers must also attend all shootings at the preferred time. Available puppeteers are as follows.
-Field Marshall

Voice Actors: These are people that act and do the voices of the characters. You do not have to be punctual to be a voice actor, but there will be deadlines for your voice clips. If you are a male, it is widely preferred for you to have gone through your voice change, or mostly gone through it [as few voice cracks as possible.] Your recordings should also be understandable, so a super clear PC mic is not required, but is preferred. Available voice acting are as follows.
-Field Marshall

Behind the scenes: Behind the scenes will be people that act as writers and designers. Writers will assist in helping the plot evolve, help writing the script but must be aware of the Halo Universe, but willing to alter a few things. Designers will be behind the map making, even though many maps will be the pre-sets by Bungie [EG: Reflection] but several times we will need specialized maps. At the same time, designers will also be in charge of how puppeteers have their Spartans and Elites dressed.


You can contact me in several ways, but depending on what you are apply for, you have different requirements.

All applicants must have:
An email.
A form of instant communication [IM].
A name to be referred by.

All voice actors must provide a recording of their voice, as well as readings from set lines that will be listed below.

All Map Designers must provide an example of their works in either screenshot, video, or file share form for download. Any combination of the three would be appreciated.

Optional requirement is a gamertag, but it is only required by puppeteers and designers.

Here is my contact info:
Steam ID: drgofx [Nickname Joker]
Skype: dlord309
Gamertag: DrgoFx

Lines to be Read

These are only for voice actors, the only role that does not have set lines is the Guardian.

“Area clear, no hostiles sighted.”
“Don’t worry about my health, just shoot the guy that threatens it.”
“Shut up and focus on the mission.”

-Field Marshall
“Intel has it that there is a Rebel base located here, we want you to investigate.”
“You may not come out of this mission alive, but if you do, you will be paid greatly.”
“What would a merc like you care about morality or sides of a war? You’re hired gun. Nothing more.”

“I’m no hero sir, I’m just a guy with a gun and a passion to fight for what’s right.”
“Humans are primitive and blinded by differences. The Covenant is the only path to survival.”
“Sir, Intel has new information on the Rebel Base. Would you like to review it now?”

Thanks to everyone for reading through, if you have any questions you can email me either way.

Aye bro i can help with your machinima if i can help could take the sniper role if i am accepted into the machinima hit me up at Savage621

Thanks man, I’ll talk to you soon today. As for the thread…Bump? I haven’t been getting many responses, so.I do have a few friends on board, but I need more people if this is going to be successful.

i need people for a machinima too. email me at message me over xbl lorenzoisaboss