Reach Killed Grenade Jumps

Even if grenade jumps gave you enough extra height to do anything useful the damage you take makes it not worth it.

Making grenades less powerful would make grenade jumps an option again.

Two grenades to break shields and one to kill.

I might as well throw potatoes then…

> I might as well throw potatoes then…

Grenades are useful for:

Weakening an enemy before a gun fight.

Flushing out a camping enemy.

Killing a fleeing enemy.

Discouraging enemies from following you.

I would even go so far as to say one grenade to pop shields but you must be standing right over it. Two different radii, the inner cirlce twice as powerful as the outer circle. One grenade to break shields inside the inner circle (grenade is right under you) and two grenades to break shields in the outer circle (grenade is near you).

To be clear I’m talking about Frags.

One grenade will take out your shields if you are overtop of it already.

What are you guys talking about? One grenade will KILL YOU.

It should be on to break shields. thats it.

> What are you guys talking about? One grenade will KILL YOU.
> It should be on to break shields. thats it.

This so hard. One grenade kills you if you are standing on top of it full health and full shields. In that scenario, said grenade should only pop your shields. Grenades in Halo are used as support in a gun fight, not as weapons on their own.

not a weapon?
what about that triangle thing
grenades, guns, melee i think?

Frags are not OSKs in Reach unless you are playing the current Classic list.
They may kill you with a direct-hit from said frag, and then an epicentre explosion. That I honestly didn’t test because I forgot to spawn a healthpack. Cause as the video shows, slight impact damage on shields allows the frag blast to damage health below two-thirds, not kill.

Damage wise, grenades are slightly less powerful in Reach than Halo3. It’s that they have such a large blast radius and shake your screen that you believe they are such “killers.”

I like my CE and Reach 'nades.

"Primary weapon: Grenades

Secondary weapon: Armor Lock.

Last resort: That strange object you carry around? Whack them with it."

Bullets should be the main damage dealer IMO. Grenades and melee should play a support role to guns. Melee is already relegated to a support role because you can only use it when an enemy is right next to you. Grenades can be thrown anywhere.

Im not trying to brag or anything but i was the king of grenade jumping on halo 2 lol. I found at least 3-4 secret places on every map to hide/snipe from. A few of those places i know for a fact that NO ONE still knows about.

I never knew they were gonna DOWNGRADE grenades in the future.

Anyway, grenades are great for killing campers and are very useful. They should not be changed.

reach’s plasmas are fine… frags need to have their damage toned down slightly. Also fire grenades are awesome