Reach is unplayable.

Every game, literally every damm game has at least 1 or 2 AFK players spinning around, but it’s getting worse and sometimes half the players in a game are spinning around, what can be done about this as I just don’t want to play until its sorted and I love Reach!

Living Dead is a state at the moment, most of the games there’s 3 or 4 people playing the rest are spinning around, and if someone is an Alpha Zombie they will go AFK or quit if they are infected, aslo I thought the awful maps had been taken out in the update they are still there.

I play only Invasion so far, and there’s been problems, but nothing like what you’re seeing. Must be a primarily living dead thing. (I’m not saying it doesn’t happen in other modes, it’s just not as bad for me)

Rubber banders will be around until we get some more options for XP progression. While I doubt we will get custom firefight or campaign XP back, I would hope we could get some daily or weekly multiplayer chalanges. Even then, you will probably still se AFK players, but the extra XP should thin the heard a bit.

As for the maps: MCC Reach, much like every other game in the collection, seeks to bring in all maps available for that game. Sadly, a lot of Halo Reach’s maps were…quite bad.

Problem is even if they change the XP system to be more favourable they’ll still do it cause they don’t want to grind I believe we need a better idle system that requires more then a stick being moved as it’s very flawed.

To be honest, this has been a thing since 2010 and I am more or less used to it. I tend to ignore it in FFA games or big team games but I won’t hesitate to send an AFK player a message in a 4 vs. 4 match letting them know of my disgust. Especially if I have had to carry my team to victory.

The experience for match completion should be removed. Experience should only be given if you actually win a game. Pefrormance and teamwork experience gained based on medals should be increased.

This will make AFKing for experience points futile.

To fix the rubber band issue, you’d think they could kick a player out of the matchmaking lobby if they go through a whole game without firing their weapon.

Or have a pop up appear saying press (button) if your here so they have to be there thus make it more of a hassle for them

The system that gives xp based on being in matches or completing a match is something I’ve hated since I saw it in halo wars 2. Someone earlier in this thread mentioned a better idle system, and that should definitely be looked into. Also, back in the Reach days, getting cR for the campaign was a viable way also. Where’s that at?! They forget about that?