Reach is the best of the Halos

It’s the truth

I personally don’t find it the best but i’d like to hear your reasons.

Everyone has an opinion. I don’t think it’s the best but its a good one. One of the better stories/campaign’s among all the Halo games but multiplayer was…different.

Nope, for my the best is 100% Halo 3.

Halo 2 all the way. I like Reach, though.

It didn’t get as much credit as it deserved, it was a great game.

Good for clans.

Halo reach was amazing! I really loved the fact that you could use your own custom spartan in the campaign, and the invasion mode. Especially the story, everything was just amazing about Reach. Many of my memories died with it, and will be forever forgotten once the xbox 360 service runs out. (Hopefully they bring it to Xbox one) :frowning:

I love the way reach was with the way you can get aroma and aroma effects I really do miss it need it on Xbox one

It’s the funnest. But quite easy compared to the rest of the Halo series. I personally found Halo 3 the hardest though.


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> It’s the truth

Nope Halo 2 was the best, in my opinion.

Tied with 3 for my favorite campaign - for gameplay, for the tragic story, and for being able to customize your Spartan in campaign. Will probably go back to being my most played Halo once it comes to the One. Can also waste many hours of my life in Firefight.

Well I agree that everyone has their own Halo that they absolutely loved and spent their time on the most. There probably were many experiences that made that game great to them. I loved Reach, ODST, Halo 3, Halo 2, and Halo CT. Some of them I don’t play as often but it doesn’t mean the one’s I love the most are the “best”.

I agree, I might be biased because this was my first halo game ,but whenever I play it gives me chills. I would love a remastered edition for xbox one.

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> It didn’t get as much credit as it deserved, it was a great game.

it was the second most played game of 2010 and Black ops was the first

Reach is the best by far. Infection, Swat, BTB and Slayer. All amazing in Reach. Only Swat is better in 4 but the rest of 4’s multilayer is so unbalanced.

I loved Reach’s multiplayer and I felt the game had a certain feel to it. Forge was great and the level design on the mission was great.

Halo CE was the best to me

True, RT.