Reach is not cannon

the game is not cannon there were no Spartan 3’s yet since oni decided to make spartan 3’s after finding out how many spartan 2’s were actually left please stop using the game as an argument it was a great game and a great story but it’s not cannon and before you try to say “well why did they re release the fall of reach then” (yes somebody tried to explain spartan 3’s popping up in 7 pages then say the books aren’t cannon because he didn’t want to have to read or listen to the audio books ) it was so they could explain all of blue team(John Linda Fred and Kelly ) survive the first part of their mission .

Whilst it does have conflicts with the books, Halo: Reach is very much canon. The Spartan III program was approved by ONI in the year 2531, 21 years before Reach fell in 2552. Alpha company was formed near the beginning of 2532 with most being confirmed as KIA in 2537. That is still 15 years before Reach fell so by the time 2552 comes around, at least over 500 Spartan III’s have fought and died.

The III’s were made well before the events of Reach. Additionally, while Bungie did ignore a ton of the material in The Fall of Reach, 343i did a great job in attempting to make both the book and the game fit well together so they are both canon.

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> the game is not cannon

You’re right it’s a game, not a cannon. It is considered ‘canon’ though, you’re own ‘head canon’ may differ.

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> > the game is not cannon
> You’re right it’s a game, not a cannon. It is considered ‘canon’ though, you’re own ‘head canon’ may differ.

That burned them faster than the Covenant burned Reach. (Poor joke, I know…the Covenant “Glassed” Reach…)


Elite ranks are indicated by armor and color, Minors are still blue, Ultras are still white (with the helmet obviously taken from Halo 2) while Officers are orange which is yellow + red (the helmet reminds me of one only seen in Combat Evolved, one of the 2 variants for regular Elites) .

The armor for Spartans is taken from Combat Evolved for the torso and the back , it’s far from “exageratedly” . don’t know for the legs but the back is just the number one clue the thing come from the first game.

Most of the vehicles have more details (way too obvious with the Warthog) and they removed the lights who turned the Halo 3 Wraith into a chrismas tree (a free ticket to get first striked from a mile away) .

Yeah, the games are canon before the books. Yes, some of the dates don’t match up- different planets and systems use different callenders and dates. Spartan III’s in Ghosts of Onyx yes are Spartan III’s because their creators thought they were. They probably would not know that Halsey continued with the Spartan II’s.

If halo reach isn’t Canon, then that means Jun doesn’t exist in Canon nor do Sarah Palmer neither do the spartan 4s, and fireteam osiris

The games all take higher precedence than the books in terms of whats “cannon”.