Reach - in need of a little love.

You know I understand that when a new game comes out all the attention is focused on it, kind of like a new born child, whilst the older sibling becomes invisible. That’s the way I feel about Halo Reach. Ever since halo 4 came out reach has been abandoned even though after a year and a half or so it is getting better online numbers than halo 4. It’s obvious to me which is the better game and that players prefer it over the ‘new and improved’ version. But like I said Halo 4 being the newborn of the franchise it gets all the attention now, which leads me to this point I’d like to make. Just because the new games are out doesn’t mean the older ones have to disappear. I understand that Reach and all previous games before it weren’t of 343i’s making and they’re passion is for everything halo 4 and beyond but considering they own the rights to the franchise I feel it is their responsibility to keep the updates to the previous game going, if not for them then for their fans.

When Halo 4 came out I stopped playing Reach for about five months at which point Halo 4 began to bore me, so I went back to Reach and found that aside from Armour Lock the gameplay is just so much more satisfying. Reach had its flaws, for me it was armour lock, the banshee, and those damn frags which kill you if 1% of your shields are missing. But aside from that it’s still a great game which leads me to my disappointment in 343i because they’ve abandoned us. I load up both reach and halo 4 most days, halo 4 because it’s easy to dominate and the commendations are so easy to master, then go back to reach for the gameplay and because I’m still not an Inheritor - I’m currently about 50000 away from Reclaimer.

I’m not asking for 343i to drop what they’re doing and put all their efforts on Halo Reach to please the fans there but to at least continue the updates to matchmaking they had done before. Everytime I go to Halo 4 I can’t help but notice how much lower the playlist numbers are compared to Reach. Action Sack in Reach was removed because of…? I can’t remember, I have to assume it was the population, but Team Action Sack in Halo 4 is hardly better. I remember playing Action Sack in Reach - every gametype was still slayer focused but was always fun to play. Splockets, Dino Blasters, Speed Flag, Shotgun Ctf to name a few, while the playlist pop was higher than Halo 4’s equivilant. I’ve tried to play Halo 4 action sack but it’s nearly unplayable. I don’t remember if this is accurate but Fiesta Flag is it called? CTF on linear maps with random weapon spawns. This would have been fun if it didn’t include power weapons.

All I’m saying is give us - the Reach fanbase - updates to matchmaking. We have the gametypes already, just some new maps and updates. If you were to ask what I wanted I’d have to say I want Action Sack, Firefight Doubles, and a DLC playlist. Firefight doesn’t need all that much change to it, the only thing I dislike about it is NEP(new enemy progression). NEP was a nice idea to freshen up firefight until it became apparent that all they did was make a few waves skirmishers. Now whenever I play arcadefight I find myself bored - even more bored than usual considering it’s just explosions everywhere, but I prefer the standard Arcadefight over the new.

It’s been been a year and a half 343, the cuteness has worn off, how 'bout you give Reach a little love?

Great post Dan. Agree 100%.

With the announcement that we will have to wait till September or November in 2015 for Halo 5 then both games need to be shown some love or to many players will have lost interest in Halo by then regardless of how much hype they build around Guardians.

This is the best post I’ve read in ages - KrazyDan, you’re the man!

You can tell how much 343i cares about it, judging that the forward to dawn announcement still has not been removed in the news update…

> You can tell how much 343i cares about it, judging that the forward to dawn announcement still has not been removed in the news update…


Regarding Armor Lock, I used it in a game of Invasion Slayer on Hemmorage a week or so ago. I normally use Sprint on that map. An enemy Banshee plasma bombed me, and then I respawned out in the wide open spaces. With Sprint, he killed me again. So, I respawned with Armor Lock. He plasma-bombed me 4-5 more times and I AL’ed and chuckled each time. He left me alone after that, and I ended his Banshee spree with a DMR a couple minutes later. Most satisfying.

I’ve only used AL a handful of times because I prefer the other abilities, but AL has its place and I’m glad I had it in that Invasion Slayer game.

Bring back the DLC playlists!

Halo Reach right now is ~20k and it’s not even peak hours yet. Halo 4’s peak population today was ~15k.

> Halo Reach right now is ~20k and it’s not even peak hours yet. Halo 4’s peak population today was ~15k.

They aren’t comparable to be honest. As far as I know, Halo: Reach tracks players in ALL modes such as Campaign, Forge, Theater, etc. Halo 4 only tracks people in War Games.

I just got onto Reach right now and counted all the players in each playlist, and in total, there were 9,626 in the playlists but the population counter says 19,817.

That’s over 10,000 people not in other modes like mentioned above.

While we don’t know how many players are playing Halo 4 in customs, forge, etc, in terms on matchmaking - Halo 4 has more players.

I used to have some dislike Reach because of all the stuff that annoyed me, like DMRs, armor lock, and underpowered automatic weapons.

I’ve recently tried playing Reach, and it isn’t as bad as some of the memories I’ve had of it are. I’m playing it right now, and am having some fun with it.