Reach haunted helmet

Welp, halloween is over now. No event cleverly named haloween featuring a new (old playlist *cough cough infection cough), no spooky shop items, and no charm, skin, or emblem to commemorate the holiday. It was infinite’s first halloween, and they did nothing. I know there was no mention of them ever doing anything for it anyways, but like, the hcs champion bundle taking a slot away from the already scarce shop selection instead of going into the hcs menu was kinds bunk tbh. That space could’ve been used on a holiday skin or on something from entrenched.

Having said that, do you guys think they’ll ever put in the haunted helmet? I think if it does get done, it would probably be the pilot helmet with the haunted face as an attachment, cuz like, c’mon, ez money. That’s not going in any event, especially now that the spooky day has passed.

But I think it should be done like that in a bundle with those two pieces plus the blue flame eternal armor effect. Would’ve been cool for the spooky day, but if it gets done at all thats better than never.

Anyways, lemme know what you guys think, like, and comment so they actually do it.


they had halloween nameplate just for logging into mcc before november 1, they could’ve done something like that, Hell make it an ultimate challenge im sure a lot of people would’ve been happy with that. you know it still baffles me they can throw so much cosmetics at us yet they cant give us the stuff we really want.

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here’s another version of blue, 50 shekels please

Bro, they are barely able to keep the servers on since so many ppl have left. I’m just glad they are trying to fix it with winter update. I don’t expect much from them at this point. We are probably 3 years away from the spinning rims of Haloween content.

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The haunted helmet from Halo Reach with the flame head cosmetic would be such a big win in Halo Infinite. It’s like there are so many opportunities for 343i to bring back or repurpose and it just goes wayside. Halloween was a great opportunity for an infection type playlist. I’m looking forward to November 8th.

If them making a Halloween event takes time away from anything in the Winter Update, I’m fine with nothing. Most people don’t get Halloween off anyways, it’s the lesser of the greater holidays.

It would be nice for a Halloween event to appear in infinite, they should add infection as a permanent playlist and add the haunted reach helmet in an event pass.

It might come around at some point (in the shop, of course) for the SPI armor, given the similarities between Pilot and SPI.

But honestly, I am hoping that Haunted in Infinite won’t be a helmet attachment, but instead a visor variant. Maybe the Haunted visors might be core-locked per set due to differences in designs that might throw off optical ‘illusion’ that makes the skull look like it’s within the helmet and not pasted over a certain helmet’s visor, but they would still be implemented/compatible across (almost) every helmet within a certain core.

(And I hold out hope for the same conversion to be applied to MCC; remove Haunted as an attachment for the Pilot helmet, turn it into a visor option, port into every title within MCC as such. Ditto with Emile’s EVA[C]; remove from helmet permutations, turn into visor option, port into other MCC titles as such.)

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thats a really cool idea and could lead do some cool combos. immediately i thought of the eaglestrike m199x helmet (the american looking helmet) with a haunted visor. that’d be a cool combo. many other cool helmet combos too.

Would love to see haunted return but without pilot the expectations for it shouldn’t really be high. If it came out for a core outside the mk V B it would be a bit disappointing as it wouldn’t be a 1-1 of the Reach helmet it would be adjusted for whatever core it comes on.