Reach - Game vs. Novel

So, I just want to ask that I/ we should consider the game as a canon? In the novel the Covenanat forces destroy almost the whole UNSC army in about a few hour, but in the game that takes too long(month). And if I’m correct the Pillar of Autumn was in the space in the entire time while the Covenant destoyed the human army. Thirdly Chief was on a mission before he step aboard to Autumn, and he just went to cryo tube right before the slip-space jump.
Otherwise I like the game, I can imagine the fall of Reach, but these things are strange to me.

I would say only the games are canon because that’s where the roots of the franchise lie. Novels fall into the category of expanded universe, but the developers can ignore them and the events they portray at will to better fit in with their vision.

As keepers of the franchise, what is and is not canon is ultimately up to 343 but until they say otherwise, the game is canon and the novel is not.

I say throw out the novel, or at least most of it.

Thanks for your reply.
That’s sad (a bit). Then it was just a waste of time to write it, but I think it was good.

> Thanks for your reply.
> That’s sad (a bit). Then it was just a waste of time to write it, but I think it was good.

It is good, but at this point it’s old, obsolete canon that’s been contradicted too many times to count. Keeping it canon just makes things messy, and integrating it would be more trouble than it’s worth. That doesn’t make it a bad book, it just means it’s outdated.

My personal headcanon is that everything seen in TFoR did indeed happen, but it didn’t necessarily happen in the same fashion or at exactly the same point in time as is depicted in the book.

> Thanks for your reply.
> That’s sad (a bit). Then it was just a waste of time to write it, but I think it was good.

It’s never a waste of time to write a good, enjoyable story. Besides, it was written long before the game was made and there was no way for the author to know what Bungie’s real plan for Reach was.

It happens in all franchises: Star Wars, Stark Trek, Doctor Who… The novels are meant to be fun things to read and enjoy, so long as you realize that the owner of the franchise can come in at any time and say “nope, that never happened.”

Hmm…that’s true and also true that Bungie had an other idea (and yeah why not?)to show to the fans the fall of Reach. But from the book we know how the spartan developed, and that part of the book was “horroristic” when many of Chief’s mate was died or they couldn’t capable to be Spartans because of the side effect’s.

I don’t have all the information right now but what I can remember (this was discussed years ago) they are both cannon. Bungie made this document drops that helped explain some of the plot holes and then other people read the Reach stragety guide. IIRC, the Covenant being on Reach was kept a secret from the spartans because the UNSC needed the spartans to participate in the operatoin (Red Flag?) and MC with Cortana. So in the book while MC is training on Reach, and when he is with Cortanta (who split herself which is why Hasely had to give Keys the second half), the Covenant are there. To support this in the book there is a remark that it seems like there aren’t as many soilders in the base as there might usually be. Then later when MC is in space that’s when the full covenant attck happens and he is sent with othe spartans to destroy the NAV data. That is supposedly when the Pillar goes back down to Reach to retreive the last half of Cortana. Then comes back and picks up MC and then goes into slipspace. There are other smaller plot holes but both the book and game are cannon.