Reach firefight MM. Every other mode but original

The firefight mode that was default on the 360.
Instead you get every other firefight mode…

None of the available options let you play the standard option when playing reach firefight.

Heroic: 2x shields: infinite ammo: no objectives: highest score wins.
4 players

Loadouts: fuelrod/jetpack, rocket/sprint, sniper/camo, shotgun/armor lock, grenade launcher/??..

The mode is absent from custom games as well.
Unless you remake it yourself


Seems like the default mode has changed or been updated from the original version. You may very well be completely right in the sense of what the original mode was, but that was years ago now.

It was the only fun mode.

Every other mode starts you with basic weapons or limited ammo, or random weapons.

And now that you can’t vote.
you get maps that are kinda bad for firefight too

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Oh man, plasma fight on Waterfront sucks bad. Hell plasma fight sucks bad in general.

Agreed, FF matchmaking here on the MCC is nothing like it was on regular Reach. How hard would it be for 343 to recreate this?? I eliminated arcadefight from my searches in order to remove fistfight bet yet I’m still stuck more often than not with plasma- and FRGfight, both of which are awful.

All I want is regular arcadefight as it existed on Reach with rocket/pistol spawns and grenade/weapon pickup with the ability to veto 2 awful maps like Unearthed and Installation 04. This can’t possibly be difficult to implement.

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