Reach dlc maps

I know this topic isn’t supposed to be put here but I have been playing MW3 over the last month.Once the new maps were out for non elite members I got them, and what did I notice as soon as I went into a non DLC specific playlist? there was already a voting option for a new map.I have been playing Reach since it launched to about a month ago and can honestly say I’ve only played DLC maps in non-specific about ten times. That’s not a lot for something I paid to play, but in MW3 I play the new maps about 5-6 times a day.So were did reach go wrong with there DLC’s?

Halo: Reach never had a system like MW3 did which would only put you against players who have the same DLC as you, it relied completely on the DLC algorithm which didn’t work very well in Bungie’s care, however a few months back, 343i bumped it up and more recently, added Squad DLC.

DLC is quite common now for me and many others.

> DLC is quite common now for me and many others.


> > DLC is quite common now for me and many others.
> In BTB?

Since you haven’t answered, I’ll assume it’s because it isn’t quite common at all for you to see DLC maps in BTB. I know for sure they are a too rare occurrence for me. I agree it’s been much easier to find DLC maps in small team playlists; though “quite common” might be a bit of an exaggeration. My only real complaint with DLC maps is with BTB, and I wish 343i would do something about this, and do it enough ahead of Halo 4’s appearance that it will really matter (i.e., so we can get plenty of actual pre-Halo 4 playtime with the DLC BTB maps). I am still advocating a BTB DLC playlist as the solution to this problem, supplemented by putting Superstition and Headstrong in Anniversary BTB. It would be nice to see these two maps and Breakout, Eminence, Typhoon, and Temptation on a regular basis, as well as to regularly play BTB (not just 6v6) on Breakpoint, Highlands, and Tempest.

I also play mw3 some and got the new maps and play them every day but I have spent weeks playing reach and play a DLC maybe one time. I refuse to play a DLC playlist because I want to play games I like and not possibly get stuck with some stupid gametype I do not want to play.