reach dlc included?

I’m thinking about buying CEA so i wonder if there’s just the remastered maps or if there’s Reach DLC included? And i wonder if i buy CEA do i have to buy the original maps to play with my friends?

If you buy a brand new copy then you’ll get the Anniversary Map Pack for free but not the Noble and Defiant Map Pack.

The whole Multiplayer of Halo: Anniversary is just Reach’s multiplayer, it’s played through Reach’s engine but with modified gameplay for Anniversary settings, e.g. 3SK pistol, bleedthrough enabled.

There should be a code that comes with Anniversary that allows you to download the maps for free, to play via Reach.

If you want to play with your friends who own Reach and you only have the Anniversary maps, you can play in Custom Games, Firefight and Matchmaking on the specific maps & playlists made for Anniversary users.