reach beta leaders - HEY BUNGIE

all i needed before was a name.
i got it. he made a game, and is in Fl!
and is so frightened I might tell people the truth, that it messes up my ability to find work in md (maryland), a state ive lived in my whole life, never had reason to leave… ever… for some unknown reason until he used my stuff to make DunDef i had no idea why.
i trusted jstieglitz during reach beta… he promised me my .5% if the idea caught.
dont sound like much, everyone starts small, but that inert object is afraid of what? people finding out the truth?
How did Trendy get the idea to make something other then a dress up game???
and unless he filed against a random person, He knew who he took it from, and is trying to make sure no one knows!!
i cant find work because of that… illicit action of a…
and digging through 2 years of quotes and clips ive missed…
after comments i caught bungie reps saying, i cant play reach now ether.
thanks guys.

need to hire a muse? gimmie a shout. think you can help? holla!
[Please private message this user if you wish to contact them]

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Sorry Bungie can’t help you, and wont help you.

Bungie is this way! CLICK ME :slight_smile:.

Uhh…I’m sorry, what are you talking about?

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