Reach art direction vs Infinite

Halo 4, 5 , and Infinite armor looks like MIGHT MORPHIN POWER RANGERS when compared to the art direction
in Halo Reach

I feel like Infinite has done a decent job at staying true to the armor aesthetic you’d expect from Halo, compared to 4 & 5 anyway.

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The battle pass and shop systems have their issues, but I’ll give it to 343, the Reach armors look better than they did on 360. Even the MK VII armors look amazing, OP I disagree completely. Now if only I could unlock new armor :weary:

Well, agreed EXCEPT they ruined the Scout look. The handle on Jun’s helmet, the pristine cloak, and the lack of knives and backpack bug me.

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I thought i somewhat grasped the power ranger comparisons for halo 4 and 5 armor. But how is infinite power ranger armor?

It has your black undersuit, it has your old shapes. Its pretty much reach armor mashed with mk6.

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I see where you’re coming from. Infinite armor looks so much better than 4 and 5 so far. I guess I just don’t like these new versions of the armor (especially helmets) when compared to Halo 3 and Reach.