Reach: 3 skull legendary achievement (not working)

Winter contingency: legendary: skulls: famine, fog, thunderstorm, tough luck.

Achievement: because it wasn’t hard enough: complete a legendary campaign mission with 3 or more skulls enabled (scoring only).

All non scoring skulls off.

From the start skipping no cut scenes.

Won’t unlock…?

Yeah these server side achievements have pretty much killed achievement hunting. All you can really do is a hard reset of the Xbox and relaunch the game and hope it pops, if not you may have to re-do the achievement. Use a wired connection to the internet if you can to ensure you have the best connection possible. I have had to re-do a few achievements over the years with MCC. Way back in the day that he is heading to his destiny or whatever achievement it took me a bit to make that jump to get to him and no achievement. I then just left it idle for a long time hoping it would pop. Tried it a few months later and it popped.