RE: "...why clans are even a thing still"

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If you don’t understand why an in-game groups/clan option is so incredibly useful and important to organising events between friends and non-friends that have similar desires within a multiplayer game, then you really don’t understand why gamers even play games together in the first place (including doing such things as, but not limited to: roleplaying clans, forge networks, custom games events, and so on).
There is a reason why many users ask for this feature. Some ask for it so that they can better assemble a competitive group. Others ask it for an ability to easily follow each other in-game (the Angry Joe community, for example, typically uses in-game groups/clans as a means to circumnavigate the friends list limit whilst being able to use the order/hierarchy of clan setups to easily set up game events). Others still roleplay within this groups, creating narratives, stories, and so on.
Personally I’d quite like a clan/group feature for the already mentioned reasons. Locking threads that ask for them is not the way to moderate these boards, as it silences discussion on much requested features - which is quite plainly disingenuous and immoral. I’m looking at you, snickerdoodle.