RE; Machinima

Hello there fellow Halo fans. I am here to express an idea to make a Machinima. I wish to make this on Halo 4. I have the correct equipment: Capture Card, Video Editing Software (PC), PC Microphone and an Xbox LIVE Headset. I need people who could help:

  • Build the sets.(Halo 4 Required)
  • Be the player/actors.(Halo 4 Required)
  • Maybe do voices, if necessary. (To do this you will need PC Microphone and Skype. (Add me on Xbox LIVE, the I’ll provide my Skype name)

If you would like to do this send an Xbox LIVE friend request/message to: BritishSnake022. I may be making this starting Saturday the 16th February 2013. I hope for it to be done by Sunday the 24th February 2013.

There is no set script, so the Machinima time/amount of people/filming time can be open. This is just a project I wish to do during a week off school, (DD/MM/YYYY) 16/02/13 to 24/02/13.

NOTE: I’m in England, and I follow GMT+0 time. Please state in your Xbox LIVE message your country/countries time format, and the role you wish to be in this project.

Thanks you, Aiden

How old are you?

I’m 15, I’ll be 16 in March.

I’m Irish, I will help…if I can that is

Sure! Add me on Xbox LIVE, I’ll be talking about it most likely Friday, possibly Thursday with people who can help. I need as many people as I can get.

I’m of school on Friday so yeah

Okay, what would you like to be in this project?

> I’m 15, I’ll be 16 in March.

I’ll help you by forging for you. Hopefully you can use the maps rather than let them gather dust when I was trying to make a Machinima at your age.

Thank you, that will help. And I’m sorry your project didn’t work out, but since I lack a social life I#ll be capturing almost everyday, I may not for some because I have a funeral to attend to.

I’ll forge too. And voice if I can

Okay, thank you.

It may be easier if you add me on Skype. Add on Skype (If you have it, it is a lot easier.)

I’m going to bed. Please, if you have any willing to, ask your friends if they would like to participate.

Remember add me on:

Xbox LIVE: BritishSnake022