Re-Live the Glory/Golden Days of Gaming!

For anyone that wants to Re-Live The Glory Days or the Golden Days of Gaming and play some Halo 3 Custom Games. Message me on Xbox One “TheZombieLeader” saying that you want to play some Halo 3 Custom Games. You must have a mic though. That’s what makes it fun! It would be best if you were around when Halo 3 was in it’s prime(2007-2010). We will make all of these legendary custom maps and play them like crazy with so many people and make even more fun and unique one on other halo games like 2, 4 and even 5! And of course you must have Halo The Master Chief Collection. I still have Halo 3 for the 360 but playing on the Xbox One is just easier because it’s newer. Anyway, Thanks everyone for reading and lets have some fun! :smiley:


At school :frowning: rip

ATTENTION TO EVERYONE IN THIS FORUM! Me and “Yazite” are planning on playing Custom Games on Halo 3 in the MCC for a LONG TIME this Saturday(5/14/16)! From the Morning too Night! Just like the good old days! Again if you want to join us, send either Me(TheZombieLeader) or “Yazite”(yes that is his GT) a message on Xbox One! You also must have a Mic. That’s the only requirement. If you already have some of the Legendary Custom Maps for back in the day made that is great! We are going to make some before this date to prepare. Lets have some fun guys! :smiley: