RE join for rank and a force option to open mic

Halo play by ur self should be the name of this title. i dare one on 343 to go on and play rank u wont hear anything thats a major problem and no one talk about it.back in cod bo2 when u wanted to play rank it forced u to get out of the party chat but there was a loop whole u could invite ur friend to a privatechat … halo need this u can’t comunicate with any body in any play list !!! Is radio silent

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and do you know why there have remove the force mic in the cod serie’s after bo2 also?

since there was a lot of trash talk and that you also are force to listing to other sounds you get pist off from like music.
thats the reason why after cod bo2 there have remove the force mic idea since its only doing the wrong thing at all.
so for halo game’s is it not a good idea at all since cod titels have learn from that big mistake at all.

and if you hate it that there is no team work make some friends to play with and play as a party.


I’m all for an option to match people with mics together…

But Hell no to forcing the player (if that was the OP intention).

And I’m all for rejoin rank… but that seems to have been left off the menu.

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I do not want to be forced to hear people call me slurs.

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Forced open mic doesn’t help when people just don’t have mics. Main difference in your comparison is you’re comparing a game from a generation where consoles came with mics vs one that doesn’t.