Re: Infinite Delay - 343i, you have my respect

When I saw the Halo Infinite gameplay demo, I was seriously underwhelmed by the visuals and quality of the assets, and felt the game was severely lacking visual polish. It was disappointing as it was supposed to be the showcase of what the Series X can do.

There was no way 343i would be able to improve the game in 4 months, so much so that it would have been dramatically improved visually and release as a polished title at launch.
I was calling for the game to be delayed and it seems 343i have looked at the feedback and reached the same conclusion.

I imagine it was a very difficult decision for 343i to make but I honestly think it is for the best. If the game launches next holiday, the team have over a year to really improve the game.

I respect 343i a LOT for making that call, and I think the game will benefit in the long run in every respect, including the hype for the game and the sales.

How do you feel about the delay?

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