RE: Fileshare Improvements

Props to: Aokiji ICE TIME for making me think of making this a post.

One thing I notice is never discussed is the Halo 4 and Reach file share system. Whilst a good topic made by Aokiji detailed other aspects of improvements, I thought there was something crucial missing which wasn’t an improvement; it was something that had been removed which completely defeats the purpose of a file share system. The ability to look at someone’s maps in their file share was in a pregame lobby was, IMO, detrimental to custom games. All the maps that I found in Halo 3 that made me come back for more were on other people’s file shares, but without the ability to look at what a player has created, I can no longer do this and it really ruins it. Halo 4 and Reach had removed the ability to do this and now I could no longer examine other people’s file shares for any hidden gems they might have. I believe this was due to the introduction of the search system which could search map tags, but that’s hardly a reason to remove the feature. If someone can give a reason as to why this was removed/shouldn’t be added back I’d really like to see it because I see nothing bad that can come from adding this back. It would lessen spam maps in searches as well because people most likely wouldn’t put those on their file shares.

Agree that it should return. Nothing blows like downloading maps that are nothing like what you expected or even close to what they described. Beats me why it was removed…as small as an edition it was, it made a big difference. So why something like that was focused on to be removed doesn’t make sense. Maybe they forgot lol…

Return the feature. Searching is great, but sometimes you find things you never knew you wanted or expected and it is also cool when you actually meet the guy who made this or that.