Re-Balancing Flood Gametype

  1. Remove shields for all Flood except Alpha Flood

  2. Different AAs for Flood: Promethean Vision, Active Camo, and Hologram

  3. Give Flood Sprint.

  4. Different AAs for humans: Autosentry, Hardlight shield (make it so that it can block at least one frontal sword lunge) and Thruster Pack.

  5. Limited Ammo. Can pick up ammo from teammates.

  6. Decrease Radar Range for humans and increase radar range for Flood. Make it so they can detect humans despite movement (there should be an option for this, right? There was in previous Halos)

  7. Fix Sword/shotgun balance (this error was prevalent in Reach as well). Sometimes when you kill a lunging zombie, you still die. This should be fixed because sometimes it causes betrayals and gets you kicked. I think the MAIN reason why this is a problem is because weapons are “hitscan” but shotgun usually isn’t because it has a limited range. The sword actually hits without actually hitting the enemy with hit scan, while in H3, the sword actually had to hit the enemy.

  8. Better maps. H3 has amazing zombie maps because they were edited and barricades and such were added. When I saw Haven on the Flood playlist, I facepalm’d. That map is not for zombie type games.

  9. The Flood sounds like pigs, seriously…

Any other ideas?