Re-add the cut multiplayer energy shields from E3 2021

If you guys remember, when they revealed the Multiplayer for Infinite last year, the Spartans’ energy shields’ glow was different from what we have now. I can’t post a picture in halo waypoint but is basically the Master chief’s energy shields color from the campaign but with different outline colors such as blue and red, and it did not affect the ES glow. I have no idea how that ended up being changed before launch because the golden energy shields on the MP spartans looked gorgeous and classic when they revealed them, but instead, we got these neon-covered energy shields that get affected by the team outline colors you have set. And even if you tried setting a team color to yellow, it just isn’t the same, oh and it also affects the UI text in the heads-up display. If there’s any chance they can bring that back as a setting in the future, I would be very pleased since that was one of my major visual concerns with my first impressions of the game back then.

Probably due to people hating on the beehives