RDE recruiting. Join us!

We are Recruiting!

But we don’t expect you to do anything remarkable.

This Company was founded among friends all the way back during Halo:CE in 2001. And we continue to play to this day.

However, with the introduction of Spartan Company Commendations and the Awards attached. (such as the Achilles Armor Set) We find ourselves desiring collectibles above our abilities.

This is an invitation to help you acquire these rewards along with us. We don’t expect you to play continuously or well. Just play the game and reap the rewards.

Send me a message or Request to Join,
I’ll be by to check every other days,


We have cookies!

(Note: Simply having cookies does not make RDE responsible for supplying cookies.)

Yep… Still here… still looking for recruits.

I am actively recruiting tonight. Send me a MSG. I’ll have you added in a jiff.

Did I mention the cookies?

Still here. Still looking. You have to be in a company when it earns its reward to get the reward. We take all applicants because we need your help getting there.