Ray Tracing Update At Least

I know 343 has “bigger” fish to fry but when we will get Ray Tracing? or do you think they are going to cancel that too?


This game barely runs well on a 3070.


It will come.

But probably not until the older Xbox consoles are officially retired.

Plus I’m sure 343 won’t want to make any major upgrades to Slipspace until they have sorted out desync etc.


when people say it barely runs on X, i take you mean it runs bad on max settings on X?

most unoptimized games run poorly on max settings, it’s just how things are.

sucks but you can always choose lower settings. graphics aren’t everything.

been running infinite on low since release, seen max details and didn’t see a lot of an improvement.
max details in modern games is overrated, has been for sometime.

they should have dropped support for last gen before release. now they are in a tricky situation where i really can’t see how they can stop supporting them for the life of infinite.

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They probably would have like to by now. But they just haven’t been able to produce enough Series S and X to saturate the market (or get prices down).

So we’re stuck for a while with what I imagine is a big chunk of the population on the older consoles. But hopefully not for too much longer.

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This game can’t ultra on a 3070 in 1080p ffs. You know what can? DOOM Eternal. Plus RTX for goodness’ sake.

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The prices will only go up. Unless there is some special sale, there is zero chance that they’ll reduce the base price of the hardware and subscription models.

Sony is planning to raise the price for hardware and services and you can bet that MS will do the same.

Till Christmas the prices will be stable according to Phil Spencer though.

On topic: This update will never come. There is just so much stuff broken and missing.

Mainly because they haven’t been able to produce and distribute the economies of scale that they would have liked.

This feature won’t be added to the game. They’ve been radio silent on it for a very long time.

(I guess there will be an RTX update but we don’t know if it will come to Xbox Series Consoles and it will just be limited to shadows.)

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343 completely deleted it from every roadmap and interview. I think it’s save to say, RT won’t be coming.

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The game runs horribly on PC as is so I don’t think the time investment would be worth it. I’d rather they give us DLSS/FidelityFX instead.

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Ray tracing is coming. Not sure when but it’s still in the works.

Game runs great on my PC. No issues.


I run it on ultra at 1080p on a 3080 just fine. At least, the multiplayer.

Campaign I have to put it down to medium cause otherwise I get like 30 frames.

RT on console will be horrible, it’s an AMD issue and most likely it’d be locked at 30fps. IF they do add RT on console and aim at 60fps, then it’ll most likely just be ray traced shadows.

It runs decent/good/great with some settings lowered and tweaked. Halo is not that impressive looking but for some reason is very demanding. I don’t think Halo Infinite looks any better than Halo 2 Anniversary, yet I can get near 500fps in Halo 2A maxed out at 5120x1440. There’s only a couple graphic settings in Infinite that shows a noticeable difference between lowest and highest, a majority of the settings show no difference visually but impact performance. When I was doing my own optimizing, the only settings I found that made a visual difference, besides resolution, was Anti-Aliasing, Texture Filtering and Texture Quality.


I don’t think that’s the plan. Gamepass subscription > console sales.

I’m guessing they’ll be pushing hard for their steaming box.

If there’s an update that comes out and it furthers the damage of desync with the Slipspace Engine this game is over with.

I’m still amazed that this issue is still ongoing and will probably go on for the years to come.


I traded in my one x for series s as no way was gonna play on 30fps, haven’t got round to getting a series s yet, but still, last gen definitely should of been dropped for Infinite, it’s not like series s is expensive, and Infinite would of been better off from not being held back especially with the issues it has had anyway

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I saw John tweet that they are still working on the Desync issue and havent found the fix for it yet


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Really? Wow! Your kidding right? I run a Geforce 2080 Super and I run a Ryzen 7 3700X cpu and I get 160 plus FPS. with 32 gigs. ram. humm something just does not sound right,

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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