Ravn clan; looking for members!!!

We are a clan on Xbox one. We play halo 5, grand theft auto five, battlefield 4, black ops 3, and multiple other games. We named the clan Ravn instead of Raven so it would fit info a clan tag. We are casual fry hard gamers. Let me explain what that means; we play for fun and try to have fun, but in hardcore and other competitive modes we try to do our best. On halo we mainly play breakout, and on other games we play as much hardcore as possible. We are mainly in the central timezone. We have a squad system. It’s basically once you hit staff ranks you can apply to lead a squad, but until then you are in a squad of 5-20 people. We have a rank system which is fairly easy to rank up in. We host game nights, and we mainly talk about the game. Must be at least fourteen and up, have a mic, and be able to follow our two main rules; respect all clan members and non clan members, and no harassment towards others. To join message L102dmitry102L, I went to Colle, poseidon rules, or c1ayt0n 2001. We have a YouTube channel, and we are working on active forums. Any questions? Ask away!

I will Join