Ravager sucks, give us the Brute Shot instead

As a grenade launcher, the Ravager in comparison is more boring aesthetically and less interesting mechanically. I’d rather have the Brute shot with the bouncing projectiles, rapid fire, and for it to steal the Ravaager’s charge flame shot with an alt fire mode. To add on to the fact that the Brute shot is way more iconic and memorable


The charge shot on this is absolutely useless.
I wasted nearly an hour on BTB today trying to get the achievement for killing someone with a charged shot…

Fully charged shot and a direct hit still doesn’t kill??? What a useless weapon.

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Right, I get certain weapons should be more utility oriented, but where power weapons should be more “powerful” given that their so conditional and temporary. The ravager feels so flat to the 2/3 Brute Shot. Even in comparison to the concussion rifle, or the plasma caster in 5

I had a challenge to get kills with the Ravager and it was a challenge. I basically had to get them to one shot with another weapon and then switch to the Ravager for the kill. That’s also how I got the charged -Yoink!- achievement.

I could have killed them faster by not switching weapons but I needed to complete that challenge! :roll_eyes:

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The annoying thing is that I can get kills with the gun normally it’s the charge shot that seems useless.
A fully charged shot should one shot kill in my opinion.

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I think the cindershot is basically an upgraded brute shot.


Generally I totally agree, the weapon requires a bit more power to deal more damage, especially with a charged shot.
In potential “league” matches, I can see that this weapon might be able to get people out of their hiding/camping spots because of the flames but that’s about all I can think of right now.

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This is the topic I agree with the most. Or at least make it more like the brute shot. Sometyoe of plasma brute shot

Most situations., you’re actually putting yourself in a detrimental situation by the simple act of using this weapon. The stalker rifle can excel at really long ranges, the plasma carbine can shred at mid range. The ravager is just sucky regardless of circumstance.

I was thinking of a few ways to fix the Ravager:

1) Stop the auto/burst-fire crap, and make the shots-fired before reload/cooldown 5.
------- The burst-fire just messes with your ability to accurately and tactically fire at an enemy, when the second you pull that trigger you’re stuck holding this loony-tunes firehose for the duration of its payload expulsion. More control = less randomness = less anxiety = more fun = more utility. The ONLY reason to justify this forced burst-fire is if the damage were high enough to offset it (it’s not)

2) Just up the damage.
------- The whole point of a weapon like this is it’s a fragger’s-choice, it’s for people who play The Soldier in TF2, or are oldschool Quake players. If you hit a bodyshot with this thing, then you deserve to win the exchange, if not you’re really looking to blow the enemy player’s feet off their legs by doing ground-shots and looking for splash damage. Which means the enemy shouldn’t be able to tank through you slamming every shot 1inch away from their physical body while they empty their AR magazine into you with far more accuracy and more control.

3) Remove the burst, and let the player control when the plasma detonates.
------- This would drag it out of its already uncomfortable state as a dueling weapon that’s no good at dueling and a utility weapon that’s no good at utility into being a full-blown utility weapon. Not unlike The Demolition Man’s sticky grenade launcher in TF2. If it gets too OP, put a cap on the number of charges you can set at once and give them a max duration, as well as force detonation on weapon-swap). This would make the weapon almost purely defensive, as well as a great anti-vehicle tool, as the explosion could be used to light up one side of a vehicle to send it flying into a barrel-roll, if it doesn’t blow it up entirely.
Additionally, enemy players should be able to detonate the plasma by shooting at it, to avoid people just setting this stuff on their own flag-stand to make it uncapturable.

I cannot wait for the day the glorious brute shot returns to us in MM.

The ravager is a watered-down incineration cannon, but the joke is that it doesn’t incinerate anyone.

Not only does the Ravager do less damage than a water gun, it’s not nearly as interesting as the Brute Shot.

Something that I think they should do is stop making new guns and bring back legacy ones. If you want a rifle that shoots plasma bring back the Plasma Rifle, don’t make a completely new weapon that sucks.

If you want a powerful spike pistol give us the Mauler, or at least give the Wrangler a secondary fire to function as a Mauler.

They keep replacing legacy weapons that are actually cool with new weapons that can’t do anything. I don’t even want them to buff the new weapons, I want them to add back old weapons.