Ravager is effectively useless. Hear me out

So I didn’t put much thought into it, until I had the challenge to kill 10 with the Ravager.
This gun… is terrible.

Let me paint a little picture of what just happened to prove it.
I am sneakily in middle, 3 enemies run by and go to the door and begin to fire at my team, I have fully charged the shot - and peg it right into the middle enemy. It bursts into flames and does a TINY bit of damage to the other 2.
They of course, turn around and begin firing/throwing nades (another issue, we should NOT start with grenades, but I digress)
I manage 2 more vollies (triple shot, normal shots) into the same “middle guy”
They all live. I died.
The gun was essentially out of ammo at this point, and over heated.

This gun is so weak it takes 4 full volley shots (12 projectiles total) to actually kill an enemy, and good luck making them all hit with the slow rate of fire, especially as it it literally out gunned by every other weapon - including the weakened commando. (only takes 8 shots to kill with commando)

Something is terribly wrong with this gun. Everyone moves out of the fire, so there is no “gradual damage” (the fire should be devastating to at least shields, especially for how short lived it is) and the volleys are so slow to hit targets, it is easily dodged - and even if they DON’T dodge, the damage is so minimal it can barely break shields before you are killed. (1 on 1 even , vs assault rifle)
To make matters worse, there isn’t enough ‘ammo’ in it to actually last long enough, and typically your sitting around waiting for it to re-spawn in instead of doing any objective based map needs.
What is the point of this gun then? Either remove it (and it’s challenges) or seriously improve the damage to at least break shields near instantly - to give it a fighting chance against literally any other weapon.